“It’s amazing to see so many people passionate about science and wanting to share that.”

Open House attendee

The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) is a world-class science research institution that also plays a vital role in education. Established in 1949 as the Lamont Geological Observatory, our first Director was William Maurice “Doc” Ewing, a pioneering earth scientist. Doc started the Open House tradition, opening up the campus for one day each year to neighbors, students, the Columbia University community, and beyond. Even now, few science facilities of LDEO’s caliber and reputation open their doors to the community in this way. For over 50 years, Open House has remained one of our most important events, an exciting opportunity for adults and children of all ages to learn about our planet in fun and engaging ways!

In 1999, in recognition of Lamont’s 50th Anniversary, Open House was expanded to include nearly 40 exhibits, lectures, and demonstrations, and attracted over 4,000 people. Attendees learn about the current developments in the earth sciences, and about how our increasing understanding of the Earth helps preserve its future. Different exhibits are aimed at different ages and educational levels, from elementary school-age children to college students to those well-versed in the earth sciences.

Whether you’re an aspiring young scientist or a long-time science enthusiast, you’re sure to enjoy Lamont-Doherty’s Open House. Tour a lab, participate in hands-on earth science demonstrations, and learn from world-renowned researchers about their latest discoveries.

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If you are interested in formal learning opportunities, check out our education programs, non-degree programs, opportunities for K-12 students and educators, and community environmental education opportunities at the Hudson River Field Station.

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