Livestream the 2019 Monell Lectures Here

Can't make it to all the lectures at Open House on October 5? Watch the livestream of the Monell auditorium lectures here. Videos will also be available to watch after the event.

October 02, 2019


10:30 AM     Lamont at 70: Progress and Promise, Sean C. Solomon

11:30 AM     Earth Shaking Research: The Science of Earthquake Forecasting, James Gaherty

12:30 PM     Coupled Conundrums: Climate Change and Air Pollution, Arlene Fiore and Dan Westervelt

1:30 PM       Beyond Hot Headlines: New Frontiers in Effective Climate Communication, Moderator Andy Revkin; Panelists: Robin Bell, Jeff Berardelli (CBS), Vanessa Murdock (CBS), Kendra Pierre-Louis (NY Times), Kyle Pope (CJR), Park Williams

3:00 PM       Changing Ice: Observations From Land, Air and Sea, Kirsty Tinto and Jonny Kingslake