Livestream the 2018 Monell Lectures

Can't make it to all the lectures at Open House? Watch the livestream of the Monell auditorium lectures here. Videos will also be available to watch after the event.

October 09, 2018


10:45 AM     The Origin of the Moon and the Future of the Earth, Alex Halliday

11:45 AM     The Volcanic Eruptions of 2018 and How Drones Helped us Respond, Einat Lev

12:45 PM    From Easter Island to the Iron Age Vikings: The Impact of Climate Change on Ancient Cultures, Billy D'Andrea

1:45 PM       Climate Change, Drought and Fire, Park Williams

3:00 PM       Climate Crisis: Strategies for the Future, Moderators: Arthur Lerner-Lam and Vanessa Murdock (CBS); Panelists: Radley Horton, Marco Tedesco, Lisa Goddard