Soil Sampling

Bring in your soil samples to test for lead

For the second year in a row, Lamont research professor Lex van Geen and his students will be testing your soil samples for free at Open House. If possible, please provide some information about your sample ahead of time using this form.

To collect the samples, use a spoon to scrape off the top few inches of soil and scoop it into a small Ziploc-style plastic bag. Sort the samples according how the soil is used, with one bag for three different types of areas: 1) areas where kids play on exposed soil; 2) areas where you’re growing food, if applicable; and 3) an area that you suspect might be contaminated, such as near your house or a shed that used to be painted. New soil that has been brought in for landscaping or gardening purposes should be stored in a separate bag. Label each bag with a marker, or by slipping a paper label inside. Attendees can bring a maximum of three samples per household.

Map Location #10